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Man Boobs Surgery - Have You Tried Everything?

doctorMan boobs may be very difficult to get rid of. However, surgery must only be considered if you have exhausted all other alternatives and surgery is the only option left. There are a few risks involved in the gynecomastia surgery therefore it is best to find a safe and a natural solution in order to get rid of man boobs before considering this expensive and painful option. Gynecomastia is often traced to liver and kidney diseases or congenital disorders. It could also be due to over use of prescribed drugs or drug abuse. The treatment that is provided for these root causes often have a side effect in the form of gynecomastia. The best thing to do is to first consult a doctor in order to get diagnosed correctly.

Qualifying for the Surgery

If you have exhausted all the options to lose man boobs and have decided to go under the knife then you will first have to get pre-qualified for the surgery. You will have to be emotionally stable and healthy without a history of serious medical problems like diabetes, smoking and heart diseases. Although there are no stringent requirements that will bar you from getting the surgery done, there are higher risks involved if you fall under any of these categories. When you talk to your surgeon it is important that you appraise him/her about anything health related that you may think would be relevant. It is important to provide accurate and honest information to your surgeon so that he/she would be able to decide if surgery would be safe for you.

Risks Involved

Once the surgeon gives you an ok to go ahead with the surgery for removing man boobs, there will still be a few risk factors involved that you will have to be aware of. There may be a few complications in the surgery such as excessive bleeding, discoloration, excess fluid loss, permanent scarring and infection. If the surgeon thinks that the contouring of your chest is not symmetrical or that the shape is irregular then you may have to go for another procedure. Also, the recovery process is quite slow. It may take you up to one year before you can see the actual results of the surgery. During your recovery time there may be some discomfort and inconvenience involved. You would have to avoid any rigorous or strenuous physical activity. Those who are into sports may find this a little frustrating. bills

Another important factor that you will have to remember if you consider surgery to get rid of man boobs is the cost involved. The surgery itself would be expensive. Other than the cost of the operation there may be many other expenses like elastic vest, consultations and medication. It may cost you a few thousand dollars to get the surgery done. What makes it even more difficult is that these bills would not be claimable under the terms and conditions of insurance policies. Gynecomastia is not life threatening or benign and therefore not claimable.

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