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Exercises to Lose Man Boobs

Man boobs can be very embarrassing for those who have them. It is common enough in men to find chest fat but having it can make them feel self conscious about their body and embarrassed about the situation. Men often find it difficult to lose the fat accumulated around the chest and are frustrated with the whole situation. However, you should know that it is not really impossible to solve this situation. If you are determined enough to put in your time and efforts regularly then it would be possible for you to lose the chest weight you put on. Exercising regularly is especially important if you want to lose the fat around your chest. Without regular exercises it would be quite difficult for you to get rid of the fat your body has accumulated.

Exercising Tips

If you want to workout to get rid of man boobs it is best to focus on strength and cardio training. Cardio will burn the fat that is located on top of the pecs while strength training will shape up the actual muscle. There are several different exercises that you can try for effective results:

Rowing MachineRowing Machine


This machine is a great choice for workout since it trains the upper as well as lower body. Try rowing intensely for a minute, medium for 2 minutes in order to complete a single cycle. Try 7 to 10 such cycles.


Diamond Push upsDiamond Push Up


This is a good way to work the upper part as well the inside of the chest to reduce man boobs. Basically these are normal push ups with a little variation. You need to place your hands beneath the chest directly. Have your index fingers and your thumbs touch in order to create a diamond shape. Next, bring the body down making sure that your groin, chest and chin hit the ground at the same type while keeping the head up. It is very important to maintain the right form in order to provide the chest the right range of motion. If you are unable to do it, you may rest the knees on the floor since it would make the workout a little easier for you.

Things to Remember


All of the exercises listed above are important if you want to reduce man boobs. However, for many people exercises on their own would not be enough. If you have gynecomastia then your body may be producing a lot of estrogen and the testosterone levels may not be enough. This may make it extremely difficult to reduce the chest fat. However, there are several training programs as well as natural supplements that will help you balance the hormones, increase the speed with which your body burns the fat. If you decide to give supplements a try then ensure that you always pick one that is made with natural ingredients so that there is no risk of any side effects. You will also have to maintain a healthy diet and drink lots of water everyday.

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